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inTouch Home Care will actively encourage feedback regarding standards of service provision.  Feedback will be encouraged through regular contact with both Service Users and Temporary Staff.  Complaints and compliments help us to find out what people think of our services; take action to stop a problem happening again, give positive feedback to our workers and help our Service Users get the best out of our service.

All staff are trained on the Complaints and Compliments procedures during their induction.  Updates are then given during other training sessions and best practise discussed at supervision, meetings and detailed in the monthly newsletter.

All inTouch Home Care Service Users receive a written copy of the procedures with their introduction letter, sent before the service begins.  The Service User can make a complaint or compliment directly or through a representative.

All complaints and compliments will be recorded.  If a complaint cannot be dealt with informally, the formal complaints procedure will be put into place.  All complaints will be dealt with professionally, sensitively and within the defined time scales.  No complaint will result in a less favourable service being provided or that service being withdrawn.


Procedure – Informal

  • All complaints will be recorded on inTouch Home Care’s Complaint/Incident/ Compliment form.  (As with all documents, information can be provided in other formats more suited to individual Service Users’ needs).
  • All complaints will be investigated by the Co-ordinator.
  • The appropriate Co-ordinator will deal with the complaint in the first instance.
  • If the complaint requires management intervention, please refer to the formal procedures.
  • The Co-ordinator recording details of the complaint will discuss fully the substance of the complaint with the Service User/Representative.
  • They will then contact the relevant Care Worker to discuss the complaint and try to find out the circumstances surrounding the incident.
  • All action taken will be recorded on the complaint form.
  • Feedback will be provided at appropriate regular intervals to the complainant.
  • All complaints should receive a letter in response.

Where the complaint remains unresolved or the complainant remains dissatisfied or a Managers intervention is required, inTouch Home Care’s formal complaint’s procedure will be put in place.

Procedure – Formal

  • A written acknowledgement of the complaint will be made within 3 working days.
  • Where this is not possible, communication will be maintained by telephone.
  • The appropriate Co-ordinator will deal with the complaint in the first instance.
  • If the complaint requires management intervention, it will be referred to the Manager.
  • Where appropriate, the Line Manager will be involved.
  • PCB inTouch Home Care aims to resolve all complaints within 28 days and inform the person making the complaint of the action that is to be taken in response.
  • Closure letter to be sent once complaint is closed.

General Notes

  • All complaint forms will be kept in the complaint file.
  • Each complaint once resolved will be reviewed and signed by the Manager.
  • Copies of completed complaint forms will be filed in the appropriate Service User and Care Worker files.
  • The Manager will assist the Co-ordinator in resolving the complaint, as necessary.
  • Where the complaint is of a serious nature, the police or relevant social services department will be will be informed.

inTouch Home Care are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC cannot get involved in individual complaints about providers, but is happy to receive information about our services at any time.

You can contact the CQC at:

Care Quality Commission National Correspondence



Newcastle upon Tyne


T: 0300 061 6161




A formal written acknowledgement will be forwarded to the person giving the compliment within 7 days.

  • The compliment will be shared with the appropriate worker.
  • The compliment will be recorded on the complaints/incidents/compliments form and retained in the compliment folder.
  • Full details of the compliment and subsequent acknowledgement will be retained on the worker/Service User file.

Please don't hesitate to contact us your local coordinator or branch manager or Gill Forward - Operations Director on 0208 441 7038


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