InTouch operate a “non-prescriptive” model when it comes to service design and personal delivery.

This guarantee’s that you or your loved one will never get an “off the shelf” manufactured response from us. Your specific service requirements become the architecture of our design brief and therefore you control the exact nature of the underpinning service you receive. This compliments both your personal values and the vision of desired lifestyle you wish to maintain or preserve.

Meet the Team

Since 1986

Technology Engineers Ltd. was born
The company moved to Barnet and opened The Body Bank focusing on Secretarial, Admin, Industrial & Engineering services

1988 – 1995

Opened branches in Wembley, Borehamwood, Birmingham, Kingston, Woking, Guildford & Nottingham

1996 – 1999

The Care Bank opened in Barnet and rolled out into Birmingham
The company name changed to Personnel & Care Bank

2001 – 2003

Fazed out Secretarial Admin & Personnel services to focus on care

2002- 2007

Coventry & Stratford branches opened
ETG contract (Until 2012)

2012- 2014

Launched training department for candidate training
Changed company name to PCB Care and inTouch Home Care


June acquisition with N Trust Care Services Limited