Lucy & Ethel

Age 89 – Lucy had a hip and knee replace, heart failure, Osteoporosis and Dementia

Lucy lived with her husband in their own home, supported by inTouch 4 times a day with two care workers each call for personal care needs and transfers. Lucy was a client of ours for four years and had her regular care workers to attend to her needs. In the last two months of her life her health deteriorated and her heart was failing. We reviewed the care package to her needs and communicated regularly with her family. In her final weeks it was Lucy’s and the family’s wishes that she passed away at home. Our team of care workers continued to provide Lucy with a high standard of care showing her compassion, dignity and respect until her final hour. At the same time our care workers supported her loved ones every step of the way.

Lena, (Lucy’s daughter) said her mother had received the best care that anybody could have asked for, that the care workers were amazing, kind, caring and showed her mother and family compassion, dignity and respect all the way. Lena said that in her mum’s final weeks she could not have done it without the continuous support from Lucy’s lovely InTouch Home Care team.

Age 83 – Ethel had both legs amputated, is a wheel chair user & has stomach cancer

Ethel lived with her husband in sheltered housing, supported by inTouch 4 times a day with her personal care needs. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer about a year before she passed away, but was able to lead a full and independent life, with the help of her care workers. Her main wishes were to remain at home with her husband.

During her last week her needs changed very rapidly and very quickly care plans and support had to be transformed to adapt her decline in health.
We provided a Holistic Approach, where the care workers showed compassion and dignity throughout the care, allowing Ethel to remain at home in familiar surroundings and to pass away peacefully with her loved ones.

Social Worker said “Thank you so much for arranging the support of a double-up care so quickly. This was sorted within minutes as the service user’s health had deteriorated with prognosis being end of life.”

Ethel’s son said “The care and service he witnessed in his mums last week of her life was so compassionate, incredible and outstanding and they will be eternally grateful.”

Pauline, Rick & Gordon

Age 86 – Pauline was diagnosed with Leukaemia

Pauline, although diagnosed with Leukaemia, is passionate about staying in her own home as long as possible, so she can be as independent as possible.

  • The inTouch care team centred Pauline’s care around her wishes by discussing all of her desires and outcomes on a day-to-day basis focusing on her wish to maintain dignity and achieve independence.
  • With inTouch, Pauline is able to use her time as she wishes and have companionship at all times.

The family say “To all the care team, thank you for your dedicated work and care for my lovely Aunt Pauline. She passionately wants to stay in her own home and couldn’t do it without your great support.”

Age 63 – Rick was diagnosed with Huntingdon’s disease

Rick has been diagnosed with Huntingdon’s and needs daily support with all of his personal care, meals/feeding and support with medication.

  • The inTouch care team ensure that Rick’s dignity is maintained and respected in every way on a day-to-day basis when supporting him with his personal care and vulnerability. The team constantly monitor the progression of the Huntingdon’s disease and ensure that Rick is safe at all times.
  • The care team ensures all equipment is safe and workable to give Rick the chance to attend a day-care centre which Rick really looks forward to and gets a great deal from.

Rick’s family say “Many, many thanks to all of you for responding so quickly to this latest unexpected issue! Your team have been great at monitoring the hurdles we face and it’s a great comfort.”

Age 39 – Gordon has Learning Difficulties

Gordon’s difficulties affect his confidence in his own abilities such as cooking and dealing with aspects of his house.

  • Gordon and his family identified, with the inTouch assessment team, a detailed plan of Gordon’s goals and outcomes for the care team to work with him to achieve. Their support gives Gordon confidence and empowers him to have control over his day-to-day life.
  • Gordon is now assisting with cooking for himself and assisting to liaise with organisations concerning maintenance issues to his property.

Gordon says “I am very happy with my lovely support worker, Sue, and I find that everything that is needed to be dealt with is happening. My confidence has improved and is growing more.”

Bill, Janet & Ian

Age 101 – Required planning and supporting his needs – 7 days care

Bill lived at home independently until having a fall, moved into a home and hasn’t settled well. Family abroad or not close by so couldn’t support him. inTouch were asked to plan how he could return to his beloved home with support and care.

  • We carefully examined needs, benefits and risks with his care professional’s team.
  • Put together a detailed plan and matched staff to achieve Bill moving home.
  • With family at a distance, inTouch offered additional organisational services: Domestic, DIY professionals, appointments support.

Bill has returned home successfully and is living contentedly, with his personal belongings surrounding him.

Age 87 – Janet is an Alzheimer sufferer confined to her bed – care 5 days a week 24 hours

Janet has a very supportive but busy family who live with her in a large house.

  • Our care team support Janet to be as independent as possible using slide sheet with Janet to move and change/ bed baths, meals, medication and essential companionship every day.
  • Julie, our inTouch Assessor, and Coordinators, work closely with Janet’s family to ensure smooth running of the house, medication and ensure equipment is 100%.

Janet’s daughter says “I have my life back and don’t feel stressed knowing that mum is now cared for really well while I am out of the house.”

Age 56 – Ian had an accident resulting in brain injury – 24/7 care and companionship

Ian benefits greatly from constant companionship and support in his daily life.

  • Our care team support Ian to be as liberated as possible, he really enjoys going out to the community centre and.
  • With inTouch support, Ian can choose when he eats and sleeps and structure his whole like around what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. So vital for him to maintain his dignity and independence.

Ian has met a partner with his new found freedom and enjoying his life to the full.

Katie, Luke & Claire

Age 30 – Katie has osteoarthritis and is wheelchair bound – 3 days a week

Katie needs daily support to achieve her career goals of attending Art College to finish her 2 year course and go on to University to do Fine Art.

  • With Katie’s direction, the care team supported her to move around from class to class and go where her course work needs her to.
  • She built up her confidence and has applied for and got into university, seeing no barriers to her career goals.

Katie said that “I loved that inTouch support gave me the freedom to follow my passion.”

Age 19 – Luke has severe autism and is supported for waking nights 7 days a week

Luke thinks night is day, is very restless and needs continued attention throughout the night. inTouch give his very supportive family respite from 10pm to 8am, 7 days a week.

  • Our care team keep Luke company and safe throughout the night as he doesn’t realise dangers.
  • Stimulation and activity is key to keep Luke occupied so the family can sleep and take care of him throughout the day.

Luke’s father says “inTouch’s service has allowed me to have Luke at home where he belongs with his family.”

Age 46 – Claire has severe learning disabilities – being supporting at home and in the community

inTouch care team supports Claire’s father 3 days a week, providing respite for him during the day.

  • Claire loves having our female care team to explore and have fun with makeup, clothes and going out.
  • The team support Claire with all personal care, meals and promoting independence at all times. Also giving extra support to her father in any emergency situations.

Claire’s father says “I feel that care is always available for Claire at home, whatever happens to me.”

Ethel, Brian & Janet

Age 86 – Ethel is living with Alzheimer’s and needs Live-In support 24/7

Ethel is unable to speak or support herself at all now. Her live-in carer allows the family who live close by to lead their own lives knowing their mother/grandmother is safe and supported.

  • Ethel’s dedicated care team provide her with 360 degree personal and companionship support.
  • Running the house, shopping, medical visits, liaising with the family to provide smooth running of the house at all times so that her family can spend quality time with Ethel when they visit.

Ethel’s daughter says “I trust the carers who are trained for all eventualities and it gives both the family and I, peace of mind. Communication is excellent.”

Age 52 – Brian with early onset Dementia – care 4 calls per day 7 days a week + a shopping call

Brian lives with his wife who is the main carer and inTouch assists her with all areas of care.

  • Our care team support Brian with all aspects of personal care, bathing, cooking meals, laundry and medication when required.
  • The team support Brian wife’s for social events by providing a sitting service and also doing a weekly shop.

Brian’s wife says “I could not cope without the inTouch care team; it is so good to have support at these difficult times of the day.”

Age 87 – Janet is living with Alzheimer’s confined to her bed – care 5 days a week – 24/5

Janet has a very supportive but busy family who live with her in a large house.

  • Our care team support Janet to be as independent as possible using slide sheet with Janet to move and change/ bed baths, meals, medication and essential companionship every day.
  • Julie, our inTouch Assessor, and Coordinators work closely with Janet’s family to ensure smooth running of the house, medication and ensure equipment is working 100%.

Janet’s daughter says “I have my life back and don’t feel stressed knowing that mum is now cared for really well while I am out of the house.”

Donald & Hasan

Age 32 – Donald was born with Down Syndrome and has Autism and OCD – daily support

Donald needs daily support in the community to achieve his life goals of socialising with other individuals outside of his care package. Donald also needs support when in crowds or with large groups of people.

  • With Donald’s interests highlighted to our care team, we have been able to support him at the gym, and to attend college once a week to study catering which he really loves.
  • Although Donald will always need support, his day is now in a more structured routine which helps prepare him for events and challenges that he may face and his anxiety has improved tremendously.

Mum said: “Getting my son into a routine and the great support workers supporting him to learn skills with the outside world has improved his behaviour greatly. Although as a family we have decided to relocate, we would definitely pick up where we left off if we were to return to London. Thank you inTouch.”

Age 29 – Hasan has learning difficulties – daily support

Hasan needs daily support to enable him to pursue his interests in computing skills and has enrolled in college to undertake a computer course.

  • inTouch supports Hasan by travelling to and from college each day highlighting the dangers that Hasan does not relate to and encouraging him to interact with others in the community.
  • Hasan’s social skills are constantly improving and he is far more communicative with the public and his fellow students through the 1 to 1 support he receives.

Mum says “Hasan has become more talkative and aware of the world around him, like stopping before crossing the road, which is such a benefit to me. Hasan has enrolled in a drama class at college because his confidence has improved and his inTouch Support Worker has been vital to achieving this.”

Faye, Julie & Peter

Age 74 – Faye is deaf and blind and unable to communicate verbally

Faye was admitted to hospital after a fall, where she fractured her left hand. She has excessive alcohol intake and has not been eating and drinking well. Faye has been seen in the hospital corridors crying to go home, but was unable to, until the correct support was in place.

  • Faye’s care workers have been completing training with the RNIB to ensure they are able to communicate.
  • Care workers have supported Faye in returning home from hospital after 13 weeks and are helping her to live a full and independent life.

Debbie from RNIB says “They were very impressed with inTouch Home Care and how caseworkers have been co-ordinated for training. They were all keen, pleasant, polite and eager.”

Age 50 – Julie is living with dementia and MS, four calls a day and waking nights

Julie recently had to go in to a residential setting due to safeguarding issues around family lifestyle. Julie wanted to return home to be with her 16 year old and with the help of inTouch Home Care she is able to do this, with waking nights and four calls a day.

  • Our care team support Julie with personal care, meals and drinks and also to ensure her ongoing safety around visitors to home.
  • Sensors have also been fitted in the flat to monitor activity, when we are not around.

Julie’s Dad says “All care workers are friendly and it is nice to see how they interact with Julie and her daughter. Julie feels like she now has friends.”

Age 29 – Peter suffers from Quadriplegia, epilepsy and significant speech impairment , 24 hours a day support

Peter lives in his own bungalow and depends on 24 hour care. The team consists of 4 full-time and 2 part-time staff, however, this does not mean he is unable to live an independent life. The approach we take is person-centred care, where our service user is at the centre of decision making and able to plan his own life.

  • Peter requires full assistance with all aspects of personal care, including catheter care, shaving and oral hygiene. He also receives assistance with looking after animals in the family home.
  • Care workers are trained how to set up his assisted technology. He has a PC where he likes to buy and sell on eBay, research and watch TV, he can also control his environment and computer through his glasses.

Care worker Bonnie says “promoting person-centred to our service user is very rewarding and gives great job satisfaction.”